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This too shall pass

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I was busy on my phone, I heard my sister quoting the phrase “This too shall pass” while talking to my mother. She was telling in Shrimad Bhagawat Gita, Arjuna’s asked lord Krishna how one can stay humble and hopeful in his good times and bad times respectively. Lord Krishna told him that he should think in this manner: The good times are not permanent and he must prepare for the hard times should not become egoistic and stay humble. And In bad times he should remember the darkest hour is just before the first light, so the hard will pass too.

After hearing this conversation, I pondered upon the thought and I liked it. And I don’t know if this conversation exists or does not exist in the Gita. But I think it can help in good times as this thought can push me to strike a balance between enjoyment and preparation for the hard times.