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The CS courses & training i love

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In his blog i will be sharing the courses that i would recommend my friends and family to complete it. The courses are not free. You will need the currency of twenty first century, which is also known as time for fully getting the courses. I hope you will check the courses out. I will try to keep this blog well maintained. The date of latest of blog is Sept 17 2021.


Python Basics pymbook

For data structure and algorithms

William Fiset’s Data Structure Playlist (Java)

MycodeSchool Data Structure Playlist (C)

Analysis of Algorithms Lectures (By Steven Sakina)

Algorithms (By Abdul Bari)

Computer Networks

Network Programming

Computer Networks (Professor Jim Kurose)

Technical Writing

Technical Writing (By Google Developers)


Linux Unhatched (By Cisco)

Linux Journey


Hands on training labs for sql

Web Development

Mozilla web Development Documentation

Web Dev For Beginners (By Microsoft)

Also check free code camp in Miscellaneous List they have awesome hands on web development courses

API & Postman

30 Days of Postman

General CS Courses

Checkout the following channels for general CSE courses and Programming Courses

Neso Academy (All most all CSE related Courses )

Telusko (Java / Python )

Free Code Camp (Youtube)

Backend Engineering

The Missing Semester of Your CSE Education

Must check


Explore a Collection By google

List of Awesome Resources

Free Code Camp (Website)

Project Based Learning link1 link2