Can knowledge be dead if not renewed ?

I completed my senior secondary education from CBSE board, While studying i used to find the English prose and drama highly interesting. The chapters always have some kind of message or lesson to convey however at that time we used study the chapters so that we can score well in the exams. However i find the lines of the pages underlined with thoughts i used to get while reading the chapters.

Murphy’s Law

According to Wikipedia Murphy’s law can be defined as “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” I registered for the TCS NQT exam to test my skills, TCS had given the students an advisory that they have to take one of their mock tests (IRC & the other one) for testing the compatibility of the host system. For the test’s I was supposed to download their application and then appear for the test.

This too shall pass

I was busy on my phone, I heard my sister quoting the phrase “This too shall pass” while talking to my mother. She was telling in Shrimad Bhagawat Gita, Arjuna’s asked lord Krishna how one can stay humble and hopeful in his good times and bad times respectively. Lord Krishna told him that he should think in this manner: The good times are not permanent and he must prepare for the hard times should not become egoistic and stay humble.