Safeguarding Our Digital Lives: As Prevention is Better than the Cure

Today, I stumbled upon some deeply concerning news regarding the unauthorized leak of private pictures belonging to a 16-year-old girl from her online account. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks we face in the digital world. We must exercise caution and thoughtfulness when sharing anything online, as once something is uploaded, it can be extremely challenging and almost impossible to completely remove it. Almost all of us know the trouble we have to go to remove our own pictures from fake profiles from social media and their customer support is nearly non-existent.

Social media and Me

A few years ago I used to be hyperactive on social media. Initially, it was for exchanging updates of our life with friends & family. As time passed by my social media usage time increased and real-life interaction with my friends decreased. And I found myself in a toxic hell of infinite scrolling, validation, appreciation, and praises. However One day I observed that I checked a post of mine 10 times in a minute for viewing the number of likes and each time I saw the same number gave me a strange kind of sadness.