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Social media and Me

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A few years ago I used to be hyperactive on social media. Initially, it was for exchanging updates of our life with friends & family. As time passed by my social media usage time increased and real-life interaction with my friends decreased. And I found myself in a toxic hell of infinite scrolling, validation, appreciation, and praises.
However One day I observed that I checked a post of mine 10 times in a minute for viewing the number of likes and each time I saw the same number gave me a strange kind of sadness. And that was the moment I realized social media has become a toxic habit for me and I decided to deactivated & deleted my social media accounts. After repeated taunts from my friends, I activated a few of my accounts. But this time I remained inactive. I saw people sharing countless memes and other things I didn’t found interesting.
At that time I understood that people everyone will be sharing their thing’s I can’t stop them but I will share the posts which are helpful for the majority of people I am sharing the post with.
As a curious person, I have a keen desire to know about the psychological and scientific aspects of why people even use social media.

Thanks for reading. This was an extremely raw thought of mine, I will keep you posted as I explore the things.