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Setting up RDP in Ubuntu Server on Raspberry Pi4

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Today I was setting up RDP in my ubuntu server on n Raspberry Pi4.

For that I installed XRDP.

sudo apt install xrdp 

And I then followed this article.

As I am using Debian 11 as my host OS on my laptop, it contains a preinstalled Remote Desktop Viewer Application. So I tried connecting to the pi the connection was successful, however upon the successful connection I was prompted to select a default window manager.

From the menu i selected Mutter. and to my surprise the screen went heavily pixelated in grey colour then i tried to change the the default window manager from the rdp client as the desktop was not visible i was not able to change.

Then i thought i should retry to reconnect to the pi using different user & different window manager (Xfwm4). And viola I was connected, and the desktop was visible.

I was connected with one user however still I was not able to see the screen with the previous user in which I choose Mutter. I read a lot of articles but I was unable to fix it or change the default window manager. As I was setting up the machine I deleted the user and created another user with the same name and permission and this time while connecting when prompted I selected the Xfwm4 and this time the desktop was visible.

I thought to experiment with Openbox as my window manager so I created a new user as I was not able the default window manager. So I tried connecting using it and it worked.

I am yet to figure out how to change the default window manager. I will update the blog as soon I find out.

Thanks for reading.