My Nani (maternal grandmother) used to tell me about her experiences and story of the village in which she used to live with her inlaws. She said that women of that time asked each other in the evening if their horses had arrived at their homes. I asked what that meant, and she explained that people used to travel by horse, so by asking about the horse, the ladies meant if the family member or the husband of the lady she asked the question had come or not as travels used to take days at that time. She mentioned everyone used to have a horse at home as we have bikes and cars now. Then they were replaced by bicycles and new automobiles.

I have observed that the things everyone owned in the past owned have been replaced by new technology, and the old thing has become a luxury. For example, everyone used to have a bicycle at home, but now they are gone, owned mainly by upper-class people. The same goes with horses once; almost everyone owned a horse now majorly rich people own horses for various things.

There will be many things we are using right now, and they will soon be replaced by new things we will never notice until people start selling them as vintage items. There are many things like radio and cameras that are not easily available in the market right now however there are a lot of personal memories associated with those things. So I think that’s why people buy or have old items.