Today A friend of mine and I went to a famous lake in my city to eat roasted corn (known as bhutta in Hindi). Usually, a large number of vendors are present there who sell it on their hand carts; however, today we only found a couple of sellers there. So we stopped at a shop and asked the seller to roast one for us.

The shopkeeper behaved strangely, but I shrugged it off as I thought he might be shy. As we were eating, I observed two police officers sitting on his roadside shop’s bench with a lady wearing a paper id card; I suppose she was from the Municipal corporation. As we were there, she started talking rudely with the shopkeeper; it appeared she was with the police officers. And she asked the boy to get a packet of pan masala. The boy denied the lady told him should I call the municipal corporation people to take away your items? Then the boy said he didn’t have money. Then she said nothing.

When the police officers got up and started leaving, the boy asked the woman to ask the officer for money. And they replied they would give it next time after they went on their Royal Enfield Bullet bike, which is more than worth 1.5 lakh. The lady asked the boy why he gave the bhutta to these people when they never paid him. Earlier she acted like she was a policeman’s friend, and as soon they left, she changed her side. The boy looked sad maybe he was scared of them as they could cease his handcart.

The whole incident left us fuming as we started a discussion about the fairness of life and why people like these police don’t pay poor people. As we were there we watched the whole incident and we did what was under our control to help the poor boy.