I wanted an application which connects my phone with my laptop so that I can get important notifications from my phone to my laptop. First, I tried scrapy; however, It was more like remote desktop protocol, so it was not fit for my purpose. Then I found KDE Connect. I found it useful for my case, as it uses wifi for connection.

KDE Connect mobile application has a lot of features.

Using KDE, I can send my clipboard from my phone to my laptop and vice-versa; I can even send files to my laptop. The feature I most liked was the slideshow remote using this one can control ppt remotely from their phone. However, the remote input feature is not working for my device. I will try to fix it if possible.

The feature I like in the desktop client is Ring device; due to this, I can always find my device if it’s silent, and my phone is connected to wifi easily. However, if my device is not connected to the internet, it is a hassle to find it.