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Oh Soil, Save Soil

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In my childhood, in the rainy season, when I returned after my playtime, my slipper used to be full of mud and soil enough to plant a sapling. However, due to climate change, we are now observing a change in weather patterns, like delays in the rainy season with variations in quantity.

In covid times I was in my hometown, I used to think that rising oxygen demand was temporary. Still, it can become permanent if we do not start taking against climate change and deforestation. So I decided I would plant will trees in the rainy season.

When I returned to the current city where I am staying, I decided to grow mangoes and Jamun. I had the seeds and even got a few pots from the local market. But I could not find soil around my home then. I thought there were times when there was soil everywhere. We took it for granted, and now it’s gone. We are living in a concrete jungle.

I was talking with my friend about my new desire for a plantation. She told me that I had to buy some soil and I could take some soil from her. So she gave me enough soil for my seeds to grow, and I grew four mango seeds and many Jamun seeds. So I planned to plant those seeds in my agricultural field in my village. As the seeds became small saplings, I went to buy soil. While buying soil, I thought I could get a lot of soil from my village, but now I have to pay for it. After getting the soil, I planted my seedlings into larger pots, and i started a new hobby. We can say it some sort of gardening as I looked every day after every plant and loved doing that. Now they are growing good. I will update this blog when I plant those small trees in my village.