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My Twitter Anniversary

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Today twitter sent me a notification “Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary”

It’s been ten years since I created this account on Twitter; somehow, I was able to keep it alive without getting banned. In these ten years, many things have changed. Orkut does not exist today, and Facebook is not a cool thing anymore. I still remember the day when I asked a friend of mine to open an account on Facebook by going to a cyber cafe. After that, I never looked back. After that, I made a lot of accounts on a lot of social media with different usernames. In these ten years, many changes occurred to the world and me. Once, I was the one who took help from others. Now, I am the boy who helps others to learn. And I feel so privileged and thankful to my parents, who always motivated me to learn more. Change is the only constant thing. Ten years have passed, and many more will come and pass, but as always, I will be curious, and curiosity will always make me learn new things.