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Murphy’s Law

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According to Wikipedia Murphy’s law can be defined as “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

I registered for the TCS NQT exam to test my skills, TCS had given the students an advisory that they have to take one of their mock tests (IRC & the other one) for testing the compatibility of the host system. For the test’s I was supposed to download their application and then appear for the test. However, due to my ill health, I missed the first mock test, and For the second test when I checked their application page their only supported ubuntu 14 / 16 & Windows. But I was using Debian and I felt disappointed. As I didn’t have any plans for switching to windows again. So I installed ubuntu in dual boot mode before the starting time of the test. But again their application didn’t detect my webcam and I was not able to give the test. And I was afraid I might face a similar issue in the final test (Timing 16 Sept 2 PM IST ). So I ensured everything from the side and my internet connection and camera were working fine before the test. I registered for the test at 1 PM and reinstalled their application and launched the test at 1:30 Pm on my laptop but the application displayed “The system is getting ready for the test” but it was stuck at it. So I thought I should contact the support using my PC, I explained my issue to them however their response was you will get to know if your test starts or not at 2 pm only I was nervous. And at 2 pm the application didn’t launch the test however at the application status it displayed a message that my test is successfully launched but it didn’t. I contacted the support thrice but the chat window was automatically closing. Finally i received a response from support that i can not attempt the exam anymore as the time window has passed.

Even after trying so hard to attempt the exam, i didn’t able to do it. So somehow murphy’s law got me, Now i am preparing for upcoming opportunities.