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It is our money or theirs? – Byju’s Cancellation Issue.

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Last month I asked my cousin if he was interested in online studies for his class 11th PCM; he said no, I am not interested as I prefer studying offline. I was okay with the fact he denied any. Sometimes, people have issues like lack of concentration, eye pain and lack of understanding while studying online. However, recently when I went back to my home town, I learned that he had purchased a subscription from Byju’s. When I inquired, he told me that representatives from bjyu’s came to their home and pursued him, my uncle & aunty, to buy the subscription with a tablet. They were told they have to pay 15k upfront, then they can pay 5 thousand for the next fourteen months and, if needed, cancel the subscription within one month of learning.

I was aware that byju’s has a refund policy of 15 days; I thought, how come the byju’s representative can do this to ordinary people he didn’t even tell my family that they were signing up for a loan for which they would be paying EMI. As expected brother was not able to study as he had eye problems from his birth, plus he was not comfortable understanding the material in English. Additionally, he did not like the subscription as we were paying a hefty amount he asked him to call them for a refund. Then there the problems started.

We have been calling byju’s for the last 2-3 days they are diverting our calls and telling us their cancellation team will contact us in 24-48 hours. Today we got a call from byju’s senior management, When my aunt told the manager we were having some personal as well as medical issues, the manager asked us for a medical certificate. Is this fair for him to ask for a medical certificate or our details? As we were adamant about a refund, he told us we must use byju’s tablet for the next three weeks. Only then can we get the refund, and he denied us cancellation. But in the order receipt, the rules of return are mentioned below.

For refund in relation to any purchase of the Company’s content made available on SD card and tablet, the following provisions shall apply.
1. Student may apply for a refund within a period of 15 (ffteen) days from the date of delivery of tablet and SD card.
2. The request shall be made prior to the expiry of 15th day from the date of delivery of tablet and SD card by writing to [email protected]. From the 16

It’s clear in the refund rules we can not get any refunds after 15 days then how come the manager can tell us to use their service for three weeks when we are requesting to cancel it before 15 days? Till now, we have talked to more than ten people on the call, and they are just making us go in a circle they somehow want us to keep the product we are uninterested in. They sold the product on hidden terms. I know as a company representative he has to try to retain the customer. Still, they should understand the customer’s problem too, as my aunt and brother can’t tolerate their rude behaviour on calls (we have call recordings). I have raised complaints on their website and well twitter I hope we will get a refund. Whatever happens, I will update the blog accordingly.