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How I registered an already registered IRC nickname.

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I wanted to register a nick; however, it was already registered. So I started looking for ways to register the desired nick on libra chat. After a few searches, I saw the link, which has documentation about lengthening nick expiry.

The documentation mentioned if a nick is inactive for 60 weeks (approximately one year); while writing this blog, I searched for a definition of expired nick on IRC. Which took me to the Nickname Registration page of IRC, where they mentioned the nickname expiry section “While nicknames and accounts do not automatically get deleted when they expire—only when another user requests to take over the registration-we do occasionally perform clean-up runs on the services database, in which we will automatically drop all registrations which have been idle for a long time”. So, as the nick was registered, i checked if it has been inactive for the last 60 weeks or not by using the below command.

/msg NickServ info nick_to_be_registered

I was lucky that nick user was not active for more than 60 weeks. By reading about documentation, I knew I had to contact libra chat’s staff in #libera the channel for requesting them to drop/ungroup the nick I wanted to register from its existing user’s account. When I asked for help in the channel, a staff member asked me to send him a direct message and shared the nick I wanted to register, and within a couple of minutes, they made it available for me.

And I registered the nick by following libra chat’s Nickname Registration Documentation.