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How can they see my chats, Whatsapp: Ads?

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A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with my friend that I read an article/ thread in which the user wrote he had a conversation with his friend about buying something and then was surprised as he was getting ads for the thing he wanted to buy on google. It happened to him a lot of times. So we were discussing whether it is accurate or a conspiracy theory. How can it be possible as WA claims its messages are end-to-end encrypted? We were talking about who can be leaking the data of the person. Only a few months passed, and we were getting ads about the things we just talked about in chats. So I called my friend and asked if it was also happening with you. He said yes. And we were surprised and thought something might be fishy with WhatsApp.

Recently I read a similar kind of article in which a user mentioned he was using a google stock android phone and had a conversation with his friend. He was getting targeted ads about the thing he wanted to purchase.

While reading the article, I was thinking about how Facebook can share the data with google as most of the sites use Adsense for showing ads and then if they are not sharing, how google is getting the data.

Then suddenly I realised the keyboard, the keyboard we use on our android phone if it is stock android google g-board comes preinstalled with so even before we send a message, it might google. So they can analyse every word and get the data from it. It was surprising without my knowledge, my data was shared with google and they could persuade me to buy items.

Now I was able to make sense of why Google Removes Original Indic Keyboard From Play Store as it was open source they were not getting data from it so they removed it.

After all this, I will be reading more about privacy and technological policies.