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Googling as a skill

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Last year I read an article, “Someone added ‘googling’ as a skill on CV, landed an interview. See viral tweet“. After reading the article and following the original writer’s tweet on Twitter, I saw mixed reaction’s from the Twitter community. Some were praising it, on the other hand; some criticising it.

Recently, a friend asked me to make a resume for them as they come from a commerce background and are fresher; I struggled to fill the space in a single-page resume based on their information.

And a couple of days ago, my sister called me to ask a few questions. I asked her to do a google search about those questions. Then I will answer the case of your question if you have any doubts. She told me she didn’t know how to do it and would not get the answers. I told her that if you never try, you will never learn; if you never learn, if you never become self-reliant, I want you to be self-sufficient. And if you face problems in learning, then I will help you.

Then I remembered about the googling skills article, after the above incidents, I think people use the term googling synonymously with research and problem-solving. Based on my experiences, I think people find it challenging to do that belief as they can not do that.

A large number of my classmates have struggled to set the JDK path in their OS, and they asked for help. At that time, I used to think, why can’t they do a simple google search and get the solution in a couple of minutes? Now I understand maybe they might have issues with language, or they never did it, and neither did anyone encourages them to do it. And they might have some other problem, such as giving up the search as they did not see their desired answers quickly. But the good thing is they learnt it as we progressed in college.

But my other friends who don’t come from STEM still struggle with google searches; Now, I will encourage them to learn by doing.