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Git Set Go

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I graduated this year. A few friends of mine and I ran a student community in our college to create a good culture for everyone on campus. We tried our best the run the community however, due to covid, we were not able to do what we wanted to do initially. As we were visiting college last time for collecting the documents and we had few stickers and t-shirts from GDSC for distribution, my friend Akash and I decided to organise the last event before leaving.

As We were part of GitHub graduation 2022, we took inspiration from it and planned an event based on that within one day. We named it Git Set Go; we wanted students to learn the basics of git and GitHub and raise a pull request to the repository. We announced giving the t-shirts to the first 15 whose pull requests get merged, and every other participant will get some stickers from us. The event was beginner friendly. We even linked a few resources so that new students could learn.

We announced the event in our community’s WhatsApp group, in which more than 200+ students were there. We were having mixed feeling about the participation of students, and we even thought no one would participate in our event; however, in a couple of hours, we saw three forks of our repo, and we felt relieved.

At the end of the event, there was a total of 11 pull requests, of which 2 were invalid, and 8 were valid I merged them. The next day we went to our college and requested a teacher to let us leave the box of t-shirts and t-shirts with them so that the student could collect their swags. And they were kind enough to accept our request; Akash sent the students’ names to the teacher and emailed the eligible students to collect their t-shirts from the teacher (we gave t-shirts to everyone as we have more t-shirts). And we gave the remaining t-shirts to our old community volunteers. And Akash also made a Learner’s Book 2022 featuring the students who were able to raise a valid pull request.

By organising this event, Akash and I felt happy, maybe in the upcoming post, I will share more about the community we made in our college and the challenges we faced.