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Covid Vaccination in the air; false booster dose registered on my COWIN id

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On 3 August, I received a message that I had taken a booster vacation dose at a place 60km away from my home. But I never went there to take a vaccination. I wanted to take a dose as my expected dose date was already passed. However, no private hospitals vaccinate people for a booster dose in my locality. When I searched the Cowin portal, no hospital was available in the city. After a couple of days, I saw an advertisement that the state government announced the public could take a booster dose free of cost in a government hospital but earlier for booster dose, you had to visit a private hospital which was unavailable as I checked the portal. The government announced that because the vaccination rates were going down rapidly.

At the end of July, I checked the Cowin portal on Friday to schedule a slot, but all the slots were filled till Monday, and after a couple of days, I received the message mentioned above. I wanted to raise this issue with the relevant authorities as I could not schedule a slot for vaccination. I contacted the Cowin support team. A girl picked up my call she told me she had registered my complaint and disconnected the call, but I did not receive any complaint number then, i thought my booster dose certificate would be suspended automatically in a few days, and i will book a slot. But it did not happen, and then i called the technical support team again and told them about my previous complaint. They told me to raise a complaint through the portal, and there I will get an option to revoke the certificate, and I did that, and then I got an option to book a slot.

My question is, how can a simple person who is not well educated manage all this hassle I think they will not take a vaccine. They will be vaccinated on paper but unvaccinated in reality. I observed that people would make you go round and round for simple things if you are uneducated. I do not know why they do it, but they might do it because of frustration as they have to face this kind of case daily. If a person wants to stay out of these hassles, they must educate themselves and their loved ones.