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Copy Hypothesis annotations from one group to another

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I wanted to copy my public annotations to a different group. However, there is no option available on the website for the same. Furthermore, there were more than 60 annotations, so I did not want to annotate & highlight the same page again. So I started looking for solutions online; I found an article by Copy Annotations to a New Course. It is intended for teachers; however, I wanted to make it work for myself.

There they mentioned a tool for copying the annotations. There are two things required to make the tool work:- 1 the API key (which can be found in the developer section account ), 2. user-id

I tried entering my username as my userid, but it did not work then I went back to the article their method of finding the userid was not working, so I went to my profile page of hypothesis and opened the network section of developer tools, and instead of using a filter I used search, reloaded the page and searched for “acct”

I saw my userid as “[email protected]

 "release": "20220826+ga54f644", "userid": "acct:[email protected]"}}

Then back to the tool, I selected the LMS tool, entered my userid and apikey, selected the source group and destination group, and entered the total number of annotations I have in my public group in maxAnnotations. And then I clicked on check settings, I was redirected to another page. There I was able to see all the annotations I wanted to copy. I closed that page and then clicked on copy posts. It copied all of them as I checked the results.