Using ssh-keygen for generating ssh keys

I wanted to create a ssh key for the web server ssh login. I searched and found this article . I have used ssh-keygen in the past by reading a tutorial, but this time I wanted to learn about it properly After reading the article, I learned I could select the cryptographic algorithm for generating the key. ssh-keygen -t algotype -b keysize -f /path/filename I tried generating the keys with different algorithms and different key sizes.

Transferring domain from Godaddy To Namecheap

Today I received an email from GoDaddy that my domain will expire soon, so I should renew it; when I checked the prices, I was shocked as the renewal price was more than I expected. Then I did my research and found cheaper options were available; initially, I was sceptical about the transfer because i thought the fee I was paying while making a transfer would not count as my renewal fee, but after some research, I found it will.

Googling as a skill

Last year I read an article, “Someone added ‘googling’ as a skill on CV, landed an interview. See viral tweet “. After reading the article and following the original writer’s tweet on Twitter, I saw mixed reaction’s from the Twitter community. Some were praising it, on the other hand; some criticising it. Recently, a friend asked me to make a resume for them as they come from a commerce background and are fresher; I struggled to fill the space in a single-page resume based on their information.

Copy Hypothesis annotations from one group to another

I wanted to copy my public annotations to a different group. However, there is no option available on the website for the same. Furthermore, there were more than 60 annotations, so I did not want to annotate & highlight the same page again. So I started looking for solutions online; I found an article by web.hypothes.is/help Copy Annotations to a New Course . It is intended for teachers; however, I wanted to make it work for myself.

‘Annotating the web: Hypothesis – Web & PDF Annotation’

I have a habit of writing in books while reading them with a pencil, as I try to capture the thoughts which arise when I read the book. But, as nowadays we spend of our time on the internet, I wanted something so that I can keep my throughout written on that webpage, I tried various websites. Then I found Hypothesis – Web & PDF Annotation . It made my life a bit easier.

Permission denied (publickey) Digital Ocean

Today I redeemed Digital Ocean’s offer from the GitHub student pack, which gave me 100$ worth of credit for the next one year, which will be enough for me to learn self-hosting. I created a basic droplet using a non-root user and generated an ssh-key for login; however, I was getting an error “root@ipaddress: Permission denied (publickey).” After reading a lot of blogs yet, I was not able to find the solution.

’ Errors- vmware unable to install all modules vmmon vmnet'

After installing the VMware workstation, when I tried starting my VM, it showed me an error “Errors- vmware unable to install all modules vmmon vmnet”. As the StackOverflow solutions were not working, I found this article after searching for answers for a couple of hours. As my vmware workstation was already installed, I followed ” Errors- VMware unable to install all modules vmmon vmnet”. In my case, GCC and build tools were installed, i Downloaded the latest vmware-host-modules – VMMON and VMNET from github .

How to create blank page / plain text pages posts in WordPress

As we can get a JSON response from the Github repository’s file if we create a file in JSON format, for, e.g. So I wanted a similar response from WordPress for use in a project; however, I was not able to find any article until I had a conversation with my company’s founder he told me about an article he wrote. In that article, I found a PHP script that removed the plain text I wanted so I could leave the reader in JSON format.

How I registered an already registered IRC nickname.

I wanted to register a nick; however, it was already registered. So I started looking for ways to register the desired nick on libra chat. After a few searches, I saw the link , which has documentation about lengthening nick expiry. The documentation mentioned if a nick is inactive for 60 weeks (approximately one year); while writing this blog, I searched for a definition of expired nick on IRC. Which took me to the Nickname Registration page of IRC, where they mentioned the nickname expiry section “While nicknames and accounts do not automatically get deleted when they expire—only when another user requests to take over the registration-we do occasionally perform clean-up runs on the services database, in which we will automatically drop all registrations which have been idle for a long time”.

‘WordPress: curl (60) SSL certificate problem’

Today before the training session, when a mentor tried adding my website’s feed in dgplug planet , they told me there was an error, and they asked me to use the curl command on the website, so I did. curl https://techtrials.tech/feed I had a valid SSL certificate from Lets Encrypt, and my website ran on all the major browsers. However, the curl command threw the following error. curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate More details here: https://curl.