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Can knowledge be dead if not renewed ?

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I completed my senior secondary education from CBSE board, While studying i used to find the English prose and drama highly interesting. The chapters always have some kind of message or lesson to convey however at that time we used study the chapters so that we can score well in the exams. However i find the lines of the pages underlined with thoughts i used to get while reading the chapters.

Now i am in my final year of B.Tech CSE and there are some subjects which were interesting and i studied well for them like data structures, databases, networking and algorithms etc. As the job placement season has started i recently appeared for a test, i thought as studied well it will be easy for me clear the test. But to my surprise the lack of practice or my new style of learning ( learning by doing). Somewhat effected my coding question problem solving skills in a negative way. Although i was a good problem solver, once there was a time few months ago when i used sleep without solving the problem, then i would dream about the solution in the sleep and as i figured out the solution in the sleep. I would wake up and start coding the solution right away, magically the solution used to work.

When the result of came out i was disheartened that i was not selected at the same time i knew that my knowledge is somewhat dead as i did not recalled it and Then i remembered A chapter from 12 named “On Education” by Albert Einstein, in which Mr Einstein quotes

Here knowledge of truth alone does not suffice; on the contrary this knowledge must continually be renewed by ceaseless effort, if it is not be lost. It resembles a statue of marble which stands in the desert and is continually threatened with burial by the shifting sand. The hands of service must ever be at work, in order that the marble continues lastingly to shine in the sun.

Excerpts from an address by Albert Einstein to the State University of New York at Albany, on the occasion of the celebration of the terecentenary of higher education in America,15th October, 1931. Reference – “Ideas and Opinions” by Albert Einstein.

In my 12 class maybe i was too young to understand the depth of statement which is quoted above. In 12 class i had a question in my mind “Can knowledge be dead if not renewed ?”. Today i got my answer.

I am received a life long lesson that i should always flip the pages of books and notebooks which i have finished long time ago if i have to keep my knowledge alive. This is lesson i learnt the hard way.