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How I started learning English!!

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A couple of days before a friend of mine attempted an English test. They struggled with it. So when I saw that test, I was comfortable with it. Because of all this, I remember how I started learning English. As i came from a town people didn’t use English for verbal communication, even in English… Read More »How I started learning English!!

Git Set Go

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I graduated this year. A few friends of mine and I ran a student community in our college to create a good culture for everyone on campus. We tried our best the run the community however, due to covid, we were not able to do what we wanted to do initially. As we were visiting… Read More »Git Set Go

Communication skills enhancer blogs/posts

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When we communicate online, the person on another side can not see us, so we must be careful how we talk to others to avoid confusion/misunderstandings. As per my conviction, I think people who are relatively new on the internet should read the blogs/posts/ article for the same.

Oh Soil, Save Soil

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In my childhood, in the rainy season, when I returned after my playtime, my slipper used to be full of mud and soil enough to plant a sapling. However, due to climate change, we are now observing a change in weather patterns, like delays in the rainy season with variations in quantity. In covid times… Read More »Oh Soil, Save Soil

My Twitter Anniversary

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Today twitter sent me a notification “Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary” It’s been ten years since I created this account on Twitter; somehow, I was able to keep it alive without getting banned. In these ten years, many things have changed. Orkut does not exist today, and Facebook is not… Read More »My Twitter Anniversary