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 Errors- vmware unable to install all modules vmmon vmnet

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After installing the VMware workstation, when I tried starting my VM, it showed me an error “Errors- vmware unable to install all modules vmmon vmnet”. As the StackOverflow solutions were not working, I found this article after searching for answers for a couple of hours. As my vmware workstation was already installed, I followed ” Errors-… Read More » Errors- vmware unable to install all modules vmmon vmnet

Lighting, On Snap!

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Today I was attending my dgplug training as usual using my laptop however my laptop’s battery was low. And when I plugged my laptop for charging and charging status didn’t indicated my laptop was charging. Maybe due to lighting it has stopped working as I am in my hometown it will take couple of days… Read More »Lighting, On Snap!

A Conundrum

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According to the oxford dictionary, Conundrum means a “confusing and difficult problem or question”. I feel compassionate towards living beings. Therefore, I always try not to kill insects/animals, and if I find them stuck, I always help them so that they can live. For example, I always take out an ant that has fallen into… Read More »A Conundrum