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A Conundrum

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According to the oxford dictionary, Conundrum means a “confusing and difficult problem or question”.

I feel compassionate towards living beings. Therefore, I always try not to kill insects/animals, and if I find them stuck, I always help them so that they can live. For example, I always take out an ant that has fallen into a water bowl.

A few days ago, I was on a call with a friend in my garden when I saw a caterpillar and a Green Mantis on a dense flower plant.

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As I finished my call, I saw the green mantis attacking the caterpillar. And a few seconds later, the caterpillar was moving peculiarly in the mantis’s clutch. I was watching the mentis eat the caterpillar alive; I could imagine what kind of pain the caterpillar must be feeling.

I asked myself Should I save the caterpillar or not? This was a Conundrum for me.

Saving the living creatures is what I usually do, however, the mantis is following the law of nature and the food web. Saving the caterpillar will deny the mantis his rightful food. I was unsure if the caterpillar would survive or not as it was injured. And I can not nurse back the caterpillar to its former health. This scenario questioned me regarding ethics and philosophy. I was confused and realised this is how the world works. And then I did what i felt the best.