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30 Days of Writing challenge

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Today I attended a session on blog writing in which we were motivated to write blogs daily. So from today, I am challenging myself to write consistently for the next 30 days about the various topics I have on my list, but I never wrote about them. So I will be maintaining a list of those articles on this blog.

Why do I write?

I write because my blog is a marker in my memory as I usually write about solving the problems I encountered and how I solved them. Writing gives me a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

What will I be writing?

I will write about various things, from technical topics to my experiences. However, I will focus on consistency rather than anything else to inculcate a habit of writing daily / weekly.

From the line below, I will be linking the blogs I wrote for the day i hope i will keep writing till day 30.

Day 1 DGPLUG Summer Training

Day 2 We Become What We Behold

Day 3 A Conundrum

Day 4 Lighting, On Snap!

Day 5 Pictures Near Imagination – DALL.E 2

Day 6 It is our money or theirs? – Byju’s Cancellation Issue.

Day 7 WordPress: curl (60) SSL certificate problem.

Day 8 How I registered an already registered IRC username.

Day 9 How to create blank page / plain text pages posts in WordPress.

Day 10  Errors- vmware unable to install all modules vmmon vmnet

Day 11 Permission denied (publickey) Digital Ocean

Day 12 How can they see my chats, Whatsapp: Ads?

Day 13 My Twitter Anniversary

Day 14 Oh Soil, Save Soil

Day 15 Communication skills enhancer blogs/posts

Day 16 Covid Vaccination in the air

Day 17 Annotating the web: Hypothesis – Web & PDF Annotation

Day 18 Copy Hypothesis annotations from one group to another

Day 19 Git Set Go

Day 20 English, how I learnt it?

Day 21 Googling as a skill

Day 22 Transferring domain from Godaddy To Namecheap

Day 23 Is it fair? No, What can I do?

Day 24 Estimating the comparative value of INR decades ago vs Now.

Day 25 Critical security alert | Failed login attempts detected

Day 26 The Shift

Day 27 Using ssh-keygen for generating ssh keys

Day 28

Day 29 Connecting Laptop and Phone | KDE Connect

Day 30